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The Singapore Fund Directors Association (SFDA) is an industry-driven initiative established to create and support an ecosystem within Singapore’s financial industry for fund directors. The SFDA is the fund director’s destination where they will be part of an ecosystem and community peopled by thought leaders, experts and service providers in the funds investment sector from Singapore and other countries.  Singapore remains on track to be the financial hub of choice in Asia. The SFDA will augment this position with a membership of fund directors based in Singapore and the region.

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Established in 2020, the Singapore Fund Directors Association was formed with the mission to be Singapore’s premier body representing fund directors to foster long-term success through advocacy and standards-setting in corporate governance, and professional development for fund directors.


The SFDA aspires to be recognised locally and internationally as an authoritative advocate, influential promoter and dynamic facilitator of excellence in fund director practices through education, information sharing or exchange, accreditation, value-added services, forming an influential community that upholds the highest standards and practices.


The SFDA aims to build an ecosystem and community to support fund directors based in Singapore by placing their professional development and training at our core.

As the roles of independent directors continue to evolve, and with the increasingly tightening of laws by regulatory bodies, it is becoming more important for Independent Directors to acquaint themselves on new regulations surrounding corporate governance and mandatory regulation.

A director on the board of a fund is expected to have a sound knowledge of risk management, regulations, compliance matters and all other aspects to do with fund management. With this added role, independent directors too will be regulated in the same way as fund managers in the near future.

By being part of the SFDA network of like-minded, informed, and experienced individuals working in governance and oversight roles, fund directors are ensured protection and development of their careers going forward.

Our Values

To achieve the above vision and mission, and to ensure we keep our promise, the SFDA will continue to focus on the following areas:


• To authorise and organise high-standard continuing professional development programmes for fund directors and upgrade training for potential directors.

• To develop and promulgate among members the standards, rules, disciplines and guidelines regarding fund directors’ conduct, integrity, and responsibilities.

• To establish a system of accreditation for directors.

• To keep abreast of world trends in corporate governance as well as fund directors’ practices.

• To provide members with value-added services, benefits, and regular activities to facilitate networking opportunities.


• To augment a major consultative status and a voice from the fund’s community to government, regulatory authorities, and service providers on corporate governance issues.

• To be recognised as the authoritative advocate on behalf of fund directors in Singapore.

• To work as a close associate with other professional bodies for the betterment of Singapore.

• To become an essential partner to equivalent associations in other countries in the global promotion of good corporate governance.

• To integrate and communicate with the various sectors of the public to achieve an awareness of the SFDA’s roles, mutual understanding, and acceptance.


• Funds governance demands an ability to think independently whilst acting in the best interests of the fund served. It requires courage, care, professional judgment, and deep understanding of the issues involved. 

• We enable our members to explore the ethical dilemmas that arise, shape appropriate responses, and achieve good outcomes that deliver to the spirit and the letter of regulations.


• The committee at the SFDA is committed to maintaining and developing the competence and expertise of our members. 

• But our responsibilities go beyond this.  We use our authority to raise the standards of governance, thereby advancing the quality and performance of the industry globally.


• The SFDA will continue its commitment to support the VCC Act in maintaining Singapore’s relevance as an international investment funds hub. Through our core values above, we will establish and promote the code of conduct and ethics required for our members to provide governance on a VCC.

Latest News

Latest News


Ordinary Membership in SFDA includes individuals and firms providing directorships to the Fund Management and Asset Management community, those would primarily be including Independent Non-Executive Directors (INED)

Associate Membership in SFDA includes top firms and financial institutions providing fund administration services, custodians, auditors, compliance firms, technology providers, legal firms, asset management firms, private banks, and trust companies, to name a few.

Benefits include:

Engage and Exchange

Members contribute to the fund governance industry through dialogues and decision-making processes. This includes prominent opportunities to exchange views with other industry experts or engage with the relevant authorities on upcoming matters and trends.

Exclusive Networking

Members will be invited to educational forums and events organized by the Association where members are kept up to date with industry developments and can pursue continuing education in related fields. This include closed-door networking sessions with the wider industry, regulators and legislators both locally and globally.

Thought leadership and training

Members will be invited to participate in and drive the development of corporate governance training, providing direction and guidance through regular engagement, modelling of oversight and expected behaviours.

Regulatory Working Groups

Members will be invited to participate in working groups to represent SFDA at various meetings with regulatory bodies locally, regionally and globally.  SFDA will be in a position to drive the code of conduct for Fund directors in Singapore and beyond.

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