To achieve the above vision and mission, and to ensure we keep our promise, the SFDA will continue to focus on the following areas:


• To authorise and organise high-standard continuing professional development programmes for fund directors and upgrade training for potential directors.

• To develop and promulgate among members the standards, rules, disciplines and guidelines regarding fund directors’ conduct, integrity, and responsibilities.

• To establish a system of accreditation for directors.

• To keep abreast of world trends in corporate governance as well as fund directors’ practices.

• To provide members with value-added services, benefits, and regular activities to facilitate networking opportunities.


• To augment a major consultative status and a voice from the fund’s community to government, regulatory authorities, and service providers on corporate governance issues.

• To be recognised as the authoritative advocate on behalf of fund directors in Singapore.

• To work as a close associate with other professional bodies for the betterment of Singapore.

• To become an essential partner to equivalent associations in other countries in the global promotion of good corporate governance.

• To integrate and communicate with the various sectors of the public to achieve an awareness of the SFDA’s roles, mutual understanding, and acceptance.


• Funds governance demands an ability to think independently whilst acting in the best interests of the fund served. It requires courage, care, professional judgment, and deep understanding of the issues involved. 

• We enable our members to explore the ethical dilemmas that arise, shape appropriate responses, and achieve good outcomes that deliver to the spirit and the letter of regulations.


• The committee at the SFDA is committed to maintaining and developing the competence and expertise of our members. 

• But our responsibilities go beyond this.  We use our authority to raise the standards of governance, thereby advancing the quality and performance of the industry globally.


• The SFDA will continue its commitment to support the VCC Act in maintaining Singapore’s relevance as an international investment funds hub. Through our core values above, we will establish and promote the code of conduct and ethics required for our members to provide governance on a VCC.